About Us

The Founders, Toby Cochran (USN Vet, DAV), David Cochran (USN Vet) and Board Members, James Cochran (USN Retired), Kenny Long (USN, Army Retired, Dothan Police Retired)  and John Hodgson (Army Vet), started WarHawgs to provide an Outdoor Retreat and Adaptive Hunting Program for Veterans, Active Duty and First Responders. I, Toby Cochran, wanted to give an outlet through fishing, hunting and the outdoors to ease the stress of recovery and everyday life for those that are or have served the communities and this great country by providing an Adaptive Outdoor Experience.  Within the Tristate area, there are over 2 Million Veterans; which 500,000 are Disabled and 124,000 are at 70% or higher disability rating, and over 144,000 First Responders that can take advantage of the programs offered by WarHawgs.  WarHawgs can service and provide an opportunity for many of them to enjoy fishing and game hunting during the span of seasons we have in the South East. Providing this experience would greatly benefit the local community we wish to serve.

  WarHawgs helps Disabled Veterans, Veterans and Active Duty Military; through our 22 Heroes Outdoor Program and Adaptive Hunting Program, these programs promote self-esteem, conflict resolution and enhance their quality of life. We serve veterans recovering from and learning to adjust to life with spinal cord injuries (SCI), traumatic brain injuries (TBI), loss of sight, and post-traumatic stress (PTS). We have specialized equipment to accommodate some of the most injured military heroes thus helping our honored veterans find their “new normal”. Our non-profit organizational mission focus is to enable veterans and active duty military personnel (both wounded and well) who have a passion for fishing, hunting, shooting, and the outdoors, the ability to do so! We provide outdoor activities with military members and their families, with a focus on reintegration after many years of deployments.  

    WarHawgs 22 Heroes Outdoor and Adaptive Hunting Sports Program is unique in that we have no limitations as to who we can bring, if a military hero desires to get back in the outdoors, we can do it!  We have specialized adaptive equipment for veterans with spinal cord injuries of all levels and vision-impaired to include loss of sight.  We hunt deer, wild boar, turkey and a host of other wild game.  We have worked with our community partners and other agencies to build a solid program that keeps growing.